Yuba Salmon Study Frequently Asked Questions

Who is leading this initiative? 

  • This is a collaborative planning and implementation program led by  National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Fisheries and California Department of Fish & Wildlife (CDFW). 

What is the vision for this effort? 

  • The vision is to reintroduce salmon to their historical habitats in the Yuba River watershed through a phased, science-based, and cost-effective fish passage project that informs future Central Valley reintroduction decisions. 

What is different about this Yuba salmon reintroduction effort from previous efforts? 

  • This reintroduction program is focused on development and implementation of a focused pilot project to answer key scientific and engineering questions about reintroduction viability and feasibility. The results of this process will serve as a foundation for a well-informed, stepwise approach to future reintroduction actions in the upper Yuba River.  

What role can my organization play in this effort? 

  • CDFW and NOAA Fisheries are seeking information and feedback on pilot project siting, design, barriers, and opportunities (including funding opportunities) from entities with local expertise and knowledge on upper Yuba watershed fisheries, water operations, land ownership/access, etc. Additional opportunities to provide input and shape this pilot project will evolve with development of the working group.  

How do I stay up-to-date or engage in this effort? 

  • For those interested in simply tracking progress of the program, we will communicate this through periodic updates. Just let us know you want to be updated along the way and stay tuned. For those interested in an active role, it is NOAA Fisheries and CDFW’s goal to clearly communicate timing and expectations for future engagement once we have additional input from you.   

How will NOAA Fisheries & CDFW incorporate my input and vision for the Yuba River watershed? 

  • This reintroduction effort will only be successful with input from organized groups  with local knowledge, land-ownership, regulatory oversight, and civic responsibilities within the Yuba River watershed. With this input, CDFW and NOAA Fisheries can pursue our trust resource responsibilities in a manner that represents the interests of the whole watershed. Your feedback will inform CDFW and NOAA Fisheries decision-making, and there will be opportunities for dialog with the agencies at each step of the process.